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or ‘Sirens and Tricksters, enemies and teachers’ Not being authentic is very appealing. It must have its merits, otherwise why would we all do it? Inauthenticity shows up in so many ways. White lies are a simple and obvious example.

Summary Authenticity is the opposite of imitation. The roots of the word lie in the Greek authentes: hentes a doer, and auto, from within. A person who is authentic makes an independent assessment of a situation, and then makes an

Note: You may find it helpful to do Authenticity Exercise 1 and Authenticity Exercise 2 first.

Authentic: genuine, sincere; accurate in representation of the facts; truthful; trustworthy in intentions and commitments; not a copy or forgery. From the Greek authentes, one who acts independently, from auto (acting from within), and hentes (a doer). What’s in a

When I met Geoff Bellman, I was struck by what a nice and wise man he was. This is an excerpt from one his books: Geoffrey Bellman (2002) The Consultant’s Calling: bringing who you are to what you do, Jossey-Bass, San