Testimonials (Coaching)

“Thank you for all the work [voicework and self presentation] you did with me. It contributed a great deal to making me a more plausible candidate.” Newly appointed Company Secretary of FTSE 100 company

“After our session, I felt 100% better. The presentation went very well, and I even got a clap at the end of it. I’ve also had a number of congratulations since. It just shows what can be done if the pupil finds the right teacher at the right time! The two most helpful tips were thorough preparation of the beginning and end of the talk, and looking for my inspiration.” Department HeadPPCUK

“Many thanks for your wise council and as always it is having a real benefit.  The Director who is my line manager has seen a massive improvement in my effectiveness.  Apparently I have consciously changed so much that it is now more obvious when I am NOT using our coaching !!! His feedback on my effectiveness at last Monday’s meeting was that my additional focus helped us achieve a positive result and also influence a more involved and valuable contribution from the other two senior managers. Overall real progress very quickly – many thanks again for your help.” Senior managerSt James’ Place

“Alexander is a great guy, he definitely walks the talk. I really appreciated his advice on how to rework my business. He was true to my message and helped me to convey what Happy2Learn is all about with a clarity and focus that displays his depth of understanding. If he can do this for a one-person business what could he achieve in bringing together the authentic voice of a dynamic team? Holding up the mirror to what you do and reflecting it back is the sign of an inspiring coach.” Jeni Hooper, DirectorHappy2Learn

“I do so appreciate you for working with me so well, I always felt that you were totally there for me and powerful enough to hold my energy without rescuing me. You really helped me to accept myself – even those bits which were not very appealing to me at the time. I really appreciate your power, your generosity, your kindness, your trust, your awareness, your noticing, your courage, your openness, your honesty, your professionalism, your attention to detail, your patience, and your love.” Heather, counsellor

“Alexander – a wise and insightful listener and a skilled and knowledgeable trainer. He is able to transform just by being his own authentic self. His presence is extremely powerful. I felt challenged and at the same time utterly accepted. Thank you Alexander. I learnt a lot from you when we met. You were extremely generous and sensitive. May I recommend you contact Alexander as soon as possible – you will feel larger and more substantial afterward.” Sarah McCloughry, DirectorAnrah Mind and Body

“Thank you for a generous and characteristically warm response. Coming on top of a truly mind-altering meeting, it reminded me of your Quality. Thank you for that meeting. Suddenly I realise that I have felt lonely for some time. I have worked at giving the market what I thought the market wanted. And all the time I kept the best of myself in reserve, rather than reveal the deepest and most passionate feelings I have about my work. It was a revelation that I could talk about my work in the way we did. I felt seen and understood. It was like water in a desert. Thank you, Alexander.” Director of a coaching business (Anonymous)

“Thank you for the time we spent together yesterday – the time seemed to whizz by and I found the whole experience really beneficial and at times quite emotional – as you can imagine for someone so driven I have never before allowed myself the time to reflect in the way that we did yesterday and it was greatly valued.” Regional Head of BusinessSt James’ Place

“When I first came to these sessions I was deeply unhappy being who I was, but I believed that this was unalterable. Over time I came to recognize that I am not confined to repeating the patterns of behaviour and feeling of my past life, even if changing them is a slow and stumbling process. I am not confined to the view of me that other people may continue to hold. Because I know that I do not have to go on being governed by it, I have dared to see more of how I habitually think and feel and act. If I can leave these sessions and still remember something of this larger vision, I will have made good use of what I have been given here. The fact that I can write it now is a tribute to you and the quality of your work. What has made this growth possible is the presence, trust and love that I have met with in these sessions – your genuinely and consistently being here with me in a way that I have never experienced before; your trust in the process which has been strong enough to support me when I had none; and love that asked nothing from me, that didn’t change with my changing moods, that didn’t require me to be anything other than what I was, and that was patient enough to wait until I trusted it enough to come close to it. There is no way that I can adequately express how precious what I have been given here is, other than by taking it out, as best I can, into the rest of my life.” Kate, lecturer and trainer