Past Work

My work has been enormously varied, and applied to many different situations. This page lists some of those applications.

One-to-one Coaching

Work on written communication included:

      • Fundraising and research proposals (raising millions of pounds and euros)
      • Reports
      • Academic papers, chapters, dissertations & books
      • Website content
      • Promotional materials
      • Tenders

Communication work covered:

      • presentations (message, tone, structure, delivery)
      • communicating at work (upwards, downwards and with peers )
      • boardroom dynamics, leading teams and meetings
      • inspiring people
      • persuading
      • getting agreement
      • ensuring your contribution is heard and recognised as yours
      • building rapport
      • inspiring cooperation
      • handling conflict
      • managing difficult conversations
      • listening skills
      • thinking
      • prioritising and summarising
      • giving and eliciting feedback
      • personal relationships, family dynamics and social life
      • different communication models (e.g. Non-Violent Communication, Minto’s Pyramid Principle, Harvard Negotiation Project, Scott’s ‘Fierce Conversations’, ethical speech, rhetoric)

Voice coaching included:

      • workplace communication
      • presentations
      • public and keynote speaking
      • interviews
      • media work
      • personal and social life
      • overcoming a stutter or mumbling
      • adding authority, gravitas and resonance
      • increasing expressiveness
      • toning down an overbearing voice
      • finding optimal pitch
      • improving audibility
      • speeding up or slowing down speech
      • acting and voiceover work

Job and career planning:

      • Defining career and job goals
      • Identifying learning / training needs
      • Job applications, including covering letters, CVs, interview preparation and self-presentation, cycle of learning for new applications

Setting up a small business, especially as a sole trader

Group trainings, workshops and facilitation

Voices in the therapeutic encounter

    • Training for psychotherapists and counsellors

blue-circle-01-res20Blue Circle events

For personal and professional development, these events were designed to help people …

    • hear their inner, authentic voice
    • understand their own needs, and connect to their own resourcefulness
    • clarify, simplify and prioritise in complex situations
    • make authentic decisions, and follow them through with action
    • lead from inner authority, inspiring willing cooperation from others