Testimonials (Trainings)

“It was extremely useful for me to have this space today. The week preceding was extremely difficult, tense and there has been a lot of conflict recently (outside the team) and I personally gained a lot from today. It was great to get back in touch with things I really value, and to have the luxury of creative play space.”
Team manager, Oxfam

“I’ve heard lots of talk this morning and everyone is singing the praises of the activities yesterday, so very grateful to you for making it such a success.” Leila – training manager. “Many thanks for last weeks excellent event. The workshop went down well across the board and the way that the 3 Cs were incorporated was very imaginitive and effective. Well done.” Antony, Managing Director, MMR Research

“Mark and I have received very positive comments …  I even had a phone call at home Friday night from one of the teams saying how great it had been. Mark, who is one of the area managers, from being slightly dubious re the relevance of the workshop to the day, was quick to realise where Alexander was coming from as he wove in the importance of collective responsibility, the need to listen and share etc. – to feeling that we were fully justified to include such an activity.” Wessex Youth Offending Team

“Authentic Voice is a personally challenging course for any leader who believes that authenticity counts, and wants their own leadership and organisation to be authentic.” David Peters, Chief Executive, McMullan Peters (Australia)

“I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day today – Authentic Voice delivered far beyond my expectations! The attentiveness and focus we held through the day was just one result of the skill with which you managed the group. Your processes gently led us all into a very deep state without a hint of the ‘New Age’, allowing profound realisations and shifts to surface for everyone present. All this without anyone feeling compelled to ‘share’ or expose their personal vulnerabilities! I truly admire your vision for expanding authenticity in the world and I believe that there isn’t a single company (or interpersonal relationship!) that would not benefit from what you have to offer. I left with a renewed commitment to honour my own authentic voice … and the authentic voice of others. I honour yours – it’s a rare gift.”
Jennifer Moalem, InSpirall, Practitioner – Resonance Repatterning

“Last Thursday was a very special day for many reasons. Firstly, the workshop contains some very powerful processes and I encourage you to run this workshop again when you’re next over from the UK. I feel that your tools for decision making have many useful applications. It’s about developing trust for my decision making that lies beyond my rational thinking…..from the unconscious so to speak. The Circle … I still can’t quite get over how a small bit of blue ribbon had such a powerful effect on my mind, thinking, behaviour and feelings…. and in association with the group’s skill at questioning and the ‘truth bubble’ the whole process provided me with some wonderful insights about myself … thank you!”
Jeffrey Wilson, Managing Director, Quantum Evolution

“Thank you for your inspiration I felt from your workshops…your powerful energy comes through strongly as well as your wisdom and genuine connection with people! What wonderful work you are doing…” Nerise Howes – complementary health practitioner

“You set the event up beautifully.  It was such a pleasure dealing with you in advance of the event and your whole friendly and natural approach gave me as organiser a very high degree of comfort that you would handle it professionally and that it would be a success.  I really appreciate the way in which nothing seemed to be too much trouble and how much you focused on what we needed rather than just on what you would or could provide. You led us through a powerful yet safe set of exercises and experiences that really helped us to open up to each other, to enjoy each others’ company, to learn new things about each other and to break down barriers between each other. The atmosphere during your exercises was tangibly electric.  I was observing peoples’ reactions (as is my role!) and I was struck by the sheer enjoyment, the shared pleasure, the improved non-verbal communication between participants, the rapidly increasing confidence exhibited by people and the disappointment when it finished.  I found your personal contributions hugely helpful and encouraging – I really liked the way that you led and participated at the same time and how your leadership powerfully enabled people to participate when it could so easily have been intimidating because of your obvious skills.” Jeremy Keeley, Managing Director, Sadler Heath