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Experts talking or writing about their field can easily be tempted to use specialist vocabulary and complicated sentences. But problems can arise. The expert may fail to communicate successfully with non-experts. And even other experts may not completely understand the message either (whether or not

Conflict doesn’t have to be destructive You and I are different. We do not see the world the same way. Our needs are the same – I do believe there are such things as universal human needs. But we will

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I did a trawl of the internet recently to collect words and phrases that I would prefer not to see and hear any more. It would be good to think that I could take the moral high ground and say that

Needs, rights, feelings and wishes “I need an ice cream!” Really? Need? One of the interesting things about language is that we can say things are not true. Lying is a special category of untruth. But it is also possible

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These questions deliberately alternate between helping you bring out the strengths in you and your proposed business offering, and challenging you on possible weaknesses. You can work on the questions in any order  – they are there simply to stimulate

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Whether learning, singing or performing, we function better when our minds are not distracted by anxiety, and when we can feel completely present physically, mentally and emotionally. The following exercise can help us achieve and sustain equanimity.

This was an interview I gave for the Journal of the Oxford Psychotherapy Society, a few months after I was keynote speaker and trainer at their AGM (2009), and a few months before another training I was to deliver for

This exercise helps us understand why we might have such strong reactions to someone in our adult lives, and why those reactions might be so familiar to us. Basically, we ‘project’ our childhood experience of relationships onto the relationships we

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or ‘Sirens and Tricksters, enemies and teachers’ Not being authentic is very appealing. It must have its merits, otherwise why would we all do it? Inauthenticity shows up in so many ways. White lies are a simple and obvious example.

Summary Authenticity is the opposite of imitation. The roots of the word lie in the Greek authentes: hentes a doer, and auto, from within. A person who is authentic makes an independent assessment of a situation, and then makes an