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Manage conflict through genuine dialogue

Conflict doesn’t have to be destructive You and I are different. We do not see the world the same way. Our needs are the same – I do believe there are such things as universal human needs. But we will

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Universal human needs

Needs, rights, feelings and wishes “I need an ice cream!” Really? Need? One of the interesting things about language is that we can say things are not true. Lying is a special category of untruth. But it is also possible

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Transference Exercise

This exercise helps us understand why we might have such strong reactions to someone in our adult lives, and why those reactions might be so familiar to us. Basically, we ‘project’ our childhood experience of relationships onto the relationships we

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Increase your authenticity – 4 principles and 8 practices

Authentic: genuine, sincere; accurate in representation of the facts; truthful; trustworthy in intentions and commitments; not a copy or forgery. From the Greek authentes, one who acts independently, from auto (acting from within), and hentes (a doer). What’s in a


Feelings provide us with helpful information Feelings (emotions) give us important information about ourselves. They tell us when our needs are being met, and when they are not. Feelings don’t in themselves tell us what our¬†needs are, but they do¬†provide

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