Authenticity Exercise 3: Personal authenticity

Note: You may find it helpful to do Authenticity Exercise 1 and Authenticity Exercise 2 first.

Give yourself up to an hour to do this exercise. It can lead you into many areas of your life and yourself, so setting yourself some boundaries first can be helpful. Decide how long you are going to spend, and then aim not to run over this, and not to stop the exercise before the time is up either; keeping to a time frame both helps us from being overwhelmed or losing focus, and holds us to the commitment of exploring what we may find challenging. Good luck!

  • Where in your life would you like to be more authentic?
  • What would that look like to an observer? How would they know from your behaviour that you had become more authentic? What would you be doing differently from now?
  • How could being authentic in this area impact on other areas of your life? What else might change?
  • What impact would it have on others, the people you care most about, and others in your life?
  • What will happen if you don’t move towards this level of authenticity? To yourself? To the people you care about?
  • How could you maintain this vision of authenticity in this specific area of your life, and what first small step could you take to making it a reality?
  • When are you going to take that step?
  • Find an object that can represent this intention, and put it where you will see it.

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