You may already have picked up from browsing this website that much of the work I do consists of ‘one-offs’. While I have broad and deep experience in helping people, and have many tools and resources, I am known for adapting to each new person uniquely. Your questions will require a personal, tailored response from me. So, if you’re unsure whether I’m the right person to ask about your situation and needs, then I would encourage you to contact me. Tell me something about yourself and situation, and I’ll let you know quickly whether or not I think I can help.

As a first step, it’s useful if you contact me on the form below. This often works better than our playing endless ‘phone tag’ with messages, and can be the best way of telling me about yourself, and what you are looking for from meeting with me. I respond to all enquirers, and try to do so as quickly as possible.

My phone numbers are 01865-716571 and 07771-988207, but please bear in mind that, because of the number of enquiries I receive, it is easier for me if you start with this contact form. Many thanks.

[Nov 2018– I have temporarily reduced my client timetable, as I have a number of other projects that I am currently juggling. However, I have some spaces for people, so please feel free to get in touch.]

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