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Learning from our performances

A post-performance evaluation exercise It has been said that there is no such thing as failure, or a mistake, just opportunities for learning. This is a method for how to learn from a past event that you have been involved

The voice as a holistic system: the Voice Pentagon

Our voice is our identity. It is both our deepest, inner self, and a means through which we engage with the world and from which others form an impression of us. The ancient Greeks said that “as men’s life is,

Authenticity Exercise 3: Personal authenticity

Note: You may find it helpful to do Authenticity Exercise 1 and Authenticity Exercise 2 first.

Authenticity Exercise 2: Noticing authenticity

Authenticity Exercise 1: What does ‘authentic voice’ mean?

Increase your authenticity – 4 principles and 8 practices

Authentic: genuine, sincere; accurate in representation of the facts; truthful; trustworthy in intentions and commitments; not a copy or forgery. From the Greek authentes, one who acts independently, from auto (acting from within), and hentes (a doer). What’s in a

Being authentic in our work

When I met Geoff Bellman, I was struck by what a nice and wise man he was. This is an excerpt from one his books: Geoffrey Bellman (2002) The Consultant’s Calling: bringing who you are to what you do, Jossey-Bass, San


Feelings provide us with helpful information Feelings (emotions) give us important information about ourselves. They tell us when our needs are being met, and when they are not. Feelings don’t in themselves tell us what our needs are, but they do provide

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The Vocal Mirror: a tool for change

Outlining a technique that helps explore the unconscious purposes of vocal behaviours. Therapists can train to use this technique, and voice practitioners can extend their intervention skills with clients who seem ‘stuck’ and apparently resistant to the more ‘mechanical’ remedial work undertaken in the

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