Past Work

One-to-one coaching (1982-2022)

Over 40 years, I provided one-to-one coaching on a wide range of issues, for both personal development and professional development.

Communication work: presentations (message, tone, structure, delivery), communicating at work (upwards and downwards), boardroom dynamics, leading teams and meetings, inspiring people, getting agreement, ensuring your contribution is heard and recognised as yours, handling conflict, managing difficult conversations, listening skills, giving or eliciting feedback, personal relationships, family dynamics and social life.

Written communication: proposals, successful funding applications for millions of pounds, academic writing, marketing and website content

Job applications: CV writing, personal statements and interview practice

Voice coaching (at home, work and in social settings): personal and social life, presentations, public speaking, keynote speaking, acting, voiceover work, workplace communication, interviews, media work, overcoming a stutter or mumbling, adding authority and resonance, increasing expressiveness, toning down an overbearing voice, finding optimal pitch, speeding up or slowing down speech.

Making changes: helping practitioners, free lancers and sole traders set themselves up in business, or successfully engineer a change of direction for themselves

Workshops, and group trainings and facilitation

I have worked with clients from the corporate world, health and education sectors, therapy organisations, intentional communities and faith groups, charities, and the world of theatre and music. I’m well versed in a number of well known approaches to group work and change processes. This means that I can draw on tried and tested tools, and also be open to creative, spontaneous and fresh ways of working that respond directly to the needs of the moment, and situations that do not ‘fit’ (your or my) previous experience or models.