What I Offer

You may already have picked up from browsing this website that much of the work I do consists of ‘one-offs’. While I have broad and deep experience in helping people, and have many tools and resources, I am known for adapting to each new person uniquely. Your questions will require a personal, tailored response from me. So, if you’re unsure whether I’m the right person to ask about your situation and needs, then I would encourage you to contact me. Tell me something about yourself and situation, and I’ll let you know quickly whether I think I can help, and how I would do so.

On this page, you can read a list of some of the work I offer. You can also

One-to-one Coaching

Voice and communication coaching – download PDF

Voice coaching:

    • Personal & social life
    • Presentations
    • Public speaking
    • Keynote speaking
    • Acting
    • Voiceover work
    • Workplace communication
    • Interviews
    • Media work

Spoken communication:

    • Presentations
    • Communicating at work (upwards and downwards)
    • Boardroom dynamics
    • Personal relationships, family dynamics and social life
    • Communication skills

Written communication:

    • Reports
    • Fundraising and research proposals
    • Academic papers, chapters, dissertations & books
    • Website content
    • Promotional materials

Job and career planning:

    • Defining career and job goals
    • Identifying learning / training needs
    • Job applications, including covering letters, CVs, interview preparation and self-presentation, cycle of learning for new applications

Setting up a small business, especially as a sole trader

Group trainings, workshops and facilitation

Voices in the therapeutic encounter

    • Training for psychotherapists and counsellors

blue-circle-01-res20Blue Circle events

For personal and professional development, these events are designed to help people …

    • hear their inner, authentic voice
    • understand their own needs, and connect to their own resourcefulness
    • clarify, simplify and prioritise in complex situations
    • make authentic decisions, and follow them through with action
    • lead from inner authority, inspiring willing cooperation from others